5 Reasons Why Many Black Churches Are Failing

Revolutionary Paideia

Black Church (Photo Credit: Tampa Bay)

Historically, the Black Church has served as a powerful political, social, and spiritual institution.  Unfortunately, too many postmodern Black churches are becoming fundamentally immaterial.  This is an especially sad reality when one considers how central the work of Black churches was to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.  The purpose of this piece is to offer 5 reasons why many Black churches have basically lost their relevancy.

1.      Money.  Too many Black preachers place more focus on filling the offering plates than on responding to the comprehensive needs of the members of their congregations.  Instead of engendering a potent economic agenda offering serious solutions for their congregants, many Black preachers are more concerned with how they can fatten their wallets and ameliorate their personal dwellings and automobiles.  Although some people in the faith community are governed by a false consciousness that preachers aren’t…

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The State of the Black Church Part I

Praise 100.9

Joel Bryantmyra
The Black Church is an institution in the African American community. Its role in the Civil Rights Movement and bedrock presence in the African American community is both acknowledged and celebrated. But in many quarters of the Black Community, the so-called Black Church has abdicated its spiritual and social mandates. As the Prosperity Gospel has become a more pronounced message in the Christian community and national discussions such as Same Sex Marriage have sparked discord, a nagging question emerges: Is the Black Church still relevant? In a two-part series entitled, ‘THE STATE OF THE BLACK CHURCH,’ ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland explores the issue with Co-Pastor and Author, Rev. Myra Bellinger, Author and Lecturer, Joel Bryant and Wanda Reid of Radio One Charlotte.

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The Most Important Step To Finding The Right Person

James Michael Sama

Sure, it’s true that not everybody wants to be in a relationship. Some people are perfectly content being single, and it is more than possible to live a fully satisfying life by staying that way. But the fact of the matter is I still believe the majority of people would at least welcome the idea of coming across a man or woman who they can see as an equal, a teammate, a lover, and a friend.


I believe this to be true because that is what my experience tells me. From the countless conversations I have had with both men and women, as well as personal experience, I can vouch for the idea that having the right person in your life enhances your experiences. They keep you smiling, they dull your pain, and they brighten your happiness.

There are a million different articles, videos, books, and pieces of media you…

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